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How to Prevent Summer Injuries

Barbecues, fireworks, and tan lines are all hallmarks of summer. But, nothing can compare to spending a nice day on the lake with your friends and family. Whether you’re fishing with your grandfather or having a party on a yacht, there’s always a way to have fun on the water. As with any recreational activity, there are always risks associated with going out on a boat, so here are some ways to stay as safe as possible!

Use sunscreen. This one might seem obvious, but a lot of people skip wearing sunscreen in an attempt to achieve a tan. The sunburn and lasting skin damage are never going to be worth a tan that lasts maybe a month, so slather up!

Learn the basics of swimming. I’m not saying that you need to start training to be the next Michael Phelps, but being comfortable in the water is a must for any time spent on a boat. Basic skills like floating on your back, treading in the water, and mastering the doggy paddle should be sufficient for a day out.

Wear a life jacket. Even the strongest swimmer tires eventually, and the shock of accidentally falling into the water can cause anyone to freeze up. A properly-fitting life jacket can mean the difference between life and death.

Stay hydrated. If you plan on spending a large chunk of time in the water, you may not notice the heat as much. Cooler water and being partially submerged can trick you into thinking you’re fine, but you’ll likely feel the effects of dehydration soon after getting onto dry land. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can combat this. If you do feel dizzy or dehydrated, find shade immediately. Also, remember to sip, not chug. Chugging water can make you nauseous and cause vomiting.

Special tip for boat owners:
Take time to get as familiar with boat safety and maritime law as possible. As the owner of the boat, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your passengers. In South Carolina, you can take the boat safety exam at any age. If an accident occurs and you’re the owner and operator of the boat, you can face a lot of legal repercussions. Hammack Law Firm is one of the firms in South Carolina that specializes in boating accidents and maritime law. It’s a great idea to know the ins and outs of boat safety before anything goes wrong, but if you find yourself in hot water you should always contact an attorney to seek justice. This also applies to victims of boating injuries! Negligence of the boat owner/operator should never result in an injury or loss of life. If such a tragedy does occur, speak up and find a law firm that has expertise in navigating these waters. They can fight for the coverage of medical bills and other expenses that arise as a result of an accident.

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How Does Nursing Home Abuse Happen?

For many of us, it’s hard to understand how nursing home abuse can occur. Certainly no caregiver would intentionally cause harm to a resident, right? The reality is that the United States healthcare system is much more complicated than we may realize. After speaking with nurses about the reality of nursing homes, we can see how many negligence cases are fostered at a foundational level rather than by individual caregivers.

Lack of Funding in Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes receive their funding from Medicaid. This means that the federal government provides them with all of their money. Because of this, some patients are admitted to a home and their Medicaid benefits go the nursing home as payment for their care. A problem arises if the individual has no other source of income, as the Medicaid benefits do not cover all of their expenses and they have no way to cover the difference. As a Medicaid-funded nursing home, the nursing home is simply forced to deal with the lack of payment for services. This can sometimes cause those residents to be neglected.

Problems That Arise From Understaffing

In an effort to save money, many nursing homes are understaffed, leaving nurses to care for up to 20 patients a day. If a nurse calls into work sick unexpectedly, this can leave some nurses responsible for up to 30 patients during their shift. As a nurse, the first concern is for patients in distress. This means making sure that wounds are properly cleaned and that every patient has taken their medication. While ensuring that this is taken care of for 30 patients, some residents may not have proper assistance performing their daily hygiene tasks. This creates an environment where residents can survive but are not comfortable or happy.

Complications From Mentally-Disabled Residents

Sometimes, elderly residents developing dementia or Alzheimer’s can begin to experience distress from daily activities. As they lack the brain function to understand their surroundings, they can become defensive and combative towards healthcare staff. In some situations, dementia patients can soil themselves but not recognize the nursing staff that is changing them. Because of this, they become very combative and feel violated even though they have been changed by the same nursing staff several times before.

High Staff Turnover

The starting salaries for nurses in nursing homes are lower than many other fields of nursing, such as pediatric or psychiatric nursing. This contributes to a high employee turnover, where nurses do not stay in their positions for an extended period of time. This is stressful for healthcare professionals, as their duties and responsibilities change with each employee hired and let go. This renders it difficult to provide consistent care with confidence as duties can shift on a monthly or even weekly basis.

South Carolina Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

While doing research for this post, I came across some helpful articles by the lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC. They know the specifics for pursuing legal actions in cases where a nursing home has been negligent towards residents or unlawful in their practices.

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What You Should Expect When Applying to Become a Naturalized Citizen of the US

For those making a journey to the United States seeking a better life, citizenship is the ultimate goal. The process takes many years, a lot of work and a lot more patience. One of the most beneficial things one can use along the way is an attorney. With all the requirements, red tape, and hoops you have to jump through to become a naturalized citizen, an attorney can clear up a lot of the confusion and make the process much more comfortable and concise.

The Law Office of William Jang, PLLC page does a good job laying out what is expected to become a naturalized citizen of the United States. The list is as follows:

  1. A permanent United States resident (as a green card holder)
  2. Residing in the United States continuously for at least five years (or three years for most spouses of United States citizens)
  3. Residing in the state the application will be filed in for at least three consecutive months
  4. Present in the United States for at least two and a half years in the last five years of required residence (or one and a half years in the last three years for most spouses of United States citizens)
  5. Able to pass the English Test
  6. Able to pass the United States History and Government Test
  7. Good moral character
  8. Residing in the United States continuously from the filing date of the application for naturalization until granted United States citizenship
  9. At least 18 years of age
  10. Committed to the principles of the United States Constitution

This list is somewhat daunting; however, some of these are not required if others are met, which is why it is usually a great idea to have a legal representative who is well versed in naturalization law. They can help guide you on your journey to citizenship. You will be assessed on how well you meet the above criteria, and if you pass, you might find yourself a proud United States citizen. If you are unable to pass the test on your first try, you will be given another chance. However, this will be your last chance before your application will be denied, so make sure that you are prepared the second time around. There are fees involved in the filing process that must be paid as well, which amount to approximately $750.

It’s important to note that while it is possible to go through the naturalization process without an attorney, having one makes things much more transparent and concise. There is a significant amount of paperwork that you’ll have to read through. Making sense of it all can be a tall order when you’re attempting it without a professional. With the right tools and people on your side, your journey to becoming a United States citizen and achieving the American Dream for yourself and your family can be a reality.

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Types of Head Injuries

While everyone is aware that head injuries are possible, most people rarely think about the likelihood a head injury will affect them. The truth is, though, whether it’s the individual themselves, a relative, a friend, a co-worker, or an acquaintance, there’s a reasonable likelihood someone in everyone’s life will be affected at some point by some form of head injury.

With that fact in mind, it is worthwhile to use the list I found on the Amerio Law Firm website to review the different kinds of serious head injuries that most affect people.

First, there is the most famous sort of injury, the concussion. A concussion comes from a mild blow to the head which can lead to a few moments of unconsciousness or milder symptoms. There can be ongoing symptoms for a few days, but afterward, the injury passes.

Contusions are very common when it comes to brain injuries. They are really just bruises on the brain, but of course, that can still be very serious.

Far more serious, though, is an anoxic brain injury. In that situation, the brain does not receive oxygen for a period of time. During that time, brain cells begin to die. Should the event go on for very long, the person becomes brain dead.

Another very severe brain injury is the hematoma, or the subdural hematoma, where blood collects outside the brain. This is much more serious than a contusion and can be fatal.

Finally, there is a skull fracture, which occurs when there has been a blow to the head which can lead to the skull bone cracking. Since there are so many veins and arteries in the head, as well as the brain obviously, the risk of bleeding or brain damage is significant.

These are only a few of the major risks that come with injuries to the head. While the head can seem very well protected with the skull, that does not mean there are no risks. Everyone is encouraged to take as many precautions as possible to protect themselves. Should work be taking place that may lead to injury, wear a helmet at all times and clearly designate areas where the risk is highest. This isn’t just a matter for professions like construction, practice the same safety at home.

Again, injuries to the head are not usually everyday occurrences, but most of us will know someone (or perhaps be the person ourselves) who has a head injury in their lifetime. Knowing a little bit more about the risks and how to prevent them could go a long way towards minimizing the chance of serious and longterm injury.

Anyone reading this article is encouraged to read about the topic further, especially about prevention and immediate treatment. Knowing more can save a life, so the more studying up, the better.

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What are the Benefits to Factoring Invoices for a Business?

When you have a business, there is one rule at the very core: money needs to be moving. As the oil in the engine of commerce, movement of money into and out of business is a necessity. The stalling of that movement can be scary. With most businesses the pay and spend cycles can be completely out of sync and thus the interim time between being paid for a previous job and spending to finishing another can be extremely stressful. If this sounds familiar, it’s possible that factoring could be the system for you!

So a Factoring Business is a business which fronts the bill for immediate investments and jobs. This gives say a freight company much needed money to fund their next shipments without having to be paid immediately for their previous job. Since the topic of freight companies was already brought up let’s investigate that particular industry shall we? According to TBS Factoring Service qualifying for bank loans has gotten progressively more selective and the wait necessary to get the loan can take weeks or months. When you are running a business in a high-octane, and fast-moving business like freight truck driving you need to be able to get paid and keep trucks on the road to keep customers happy. In a recent article posted on Transport Topics News they said that many trucking companies have poor earnings in the first and seconds quarters only to recoup their costs and gain profits in the latter half of the year. This behavior, of course, makes banks cautious to do dealings with trucking companies. However, banks are just not accustomed to these kinds of business. Invoice Factoring is a kind of bank-specific to these companies with uneven earning patterns. Trucking companies are so vital to the economy, but because of the way they do business with companies, there are times when their invoices are delayed.

As the economy grows more and more types of companies are created. No matter the type of company there are always goods that need to be transported across the country. The transportation industry is one of the biggest businesses in the United States. And it’s no surprise considering this country is so diverse and spread out geographically. Invoice factoring is the response to newer technological companies sprouting all over the country. Businesses that started from the internet don’t have the normal 9-5 work schedule or even quarterly payment plan, but they still need equipment and goods shipped. Therefore it’s only natural for their different profitable quarters and payment plans to bleed into the freight business.

Invoice factoring is appropriate for any business that is just starting and needs help going from payment to payment. It is also appropriate for businesses with very specific times of the year where they earn most of their profits. One can think of factoring almost like a schedule equalizer, it normalizes irregular payment periods and turns what a bank would see as a risky investment into a profitable business.

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