Some people just can’t get contented with the way they look. Whenever they see imperfections in their body, they would want to remove it or have it repaired. Cosmetic surgery has become an ideal alternative for people who want to enhance their appeal and appearance. For most people, undergoing these procedures will give them renewed confidence. According to the website of Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery, this will help people discover the beauty within them.

But while cosmetic surgery will not only enhance physical appearance but also emotional and psychological effects, it also carries potential risks as any form of surgery. The dangers of such procedure will vary from one person to another. There are also certain factors that con contribute to these risks. Let us take a look at the dangers of cosmetic surgery.


While surgeons will as much as possible minimize scarring during surgery, it will still happen and some attribute this to the skin color of the patient.

Health Condition

Depending on your overall health, cosmetic surgery may also pose a risk to you. Obesity and history of heart diseases can also increase risks during the procedure. You can suffer from stroke or high blood pressure and abnormal heart rate.


The risk of getting an infection after cosmetic surgery is at less than 1% and taking antibiotics can dramatically reduce the risk. When infection does occur, the condition is very serious. If you are into smoking, taking steroids, or suffering from vascular conditions, the risk of infection is much greater.

Excessive or unexpected bleeding

Bleeding is a pretty normal condition a few hours after surgery and may often result to complications. Hematoma occurs when blood clots accumulate under the skin. Initially, there will be pain in the affected area but it will gradually go away once the body’s clotting mechanism starts to address the situation.


Cosmetic surgery can also cause necrosis, which is characterized by the appearance of dead tissues as a result of lack of oxygen in the operated region.

Anesthesia Risks

Although anesthesia-related risk is quite rare in cosmetic surgery, it is still a possible danger in cosmetic surgery. The patient may feel nauseated or experience sore throat.

Putting these risks in mind will help you decide whether to undergo cosmetic surgery. While you can look beautiful and confident, you should also consider the dangerous nature of the procedure.

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